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 Laizhou Jinhong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise integrating CNC product R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Its leading products include solid wood heavy-duty machining centers, five-axis five-linkage machining centers, and panel furniture There are four series of machining center and mold machining center, totaling more than 30 kinds of products. Modular design and assembly concept, successfully developed a five-axis five-linked spindle module; router module; vertical milling module; horizontal planer side milling multifunctional module; CNC circular saw; sawing milling drilling multifunctional module; automatic tool change module; drill set With more than ten kinds of functional modules, different modules can be switched at will on various models to meet the needs of different customers.

In 2017, Jinhong CNC's new plant was officially put into operation. The company has a modern woodworking machinery production park of 60,000 square meters, an administrative technology research and development center of 6,000 square meters, and a large interactive multi-functional machine tool exhibition hall of 1,500 square meters. The new plant meets the future development needs of Jinhong CNC in terms of production capacity increase or transportation, and also provides excellent conditions for the development of Jinhong CNC brand. Jinhong CNC has transformed itself into a group, large-scale, standardized and specialized woodworking machine tool manufacturing enterprise.

The production capacity of Jinhong CNC is advancing steadily, and the quality is guaranteed. Jinhong CNC is gradually developing towards high-end, intelligent, industrial and service-oriented, and strives to build Jinhong Digital Control's brand of high-quality machining center manufacturing experts.

Not forgetting the original intention, Jinhong CNC uses the spirit of craftsmanship to build credibility. Jinhong CNC passed the ISO9000 quality certification system and obtained four national invention patents. "Quality builds the brand, integrity weaves the future" is the goal of all Jinhong employees. Jinhong people use the values of gratitude, loyalty, responsibility, and win-win to create an innovative service-oriented manufacturing enterprise that is customer-oriented and customer-satisfied.

Sincerely, make technical support stronger! Jinhong's large-scale interactive multifunctional machine tool exhibition hall cooperates with the after-sales team with superior technology and efficient service, so that Jinhong equipment can create value for customers better and faster! Provide you with pre-purchase program evaluation, one-to-one pre-job training after purchase, senior after-sales engineers go to the user workshop for on-site operation training after the equipment enters the factory, 24-hour after-sales hotline to accompany worry-free, you have any questions, anytime You can call our service hotline, and senior after-sales experts will support you in the background to solve your problems in time.

Concentrate, make lean more perfect, and play the role of industry benchmark! With a superb technology R&D team, a professional R&D laboratory, and two decades of assembly craftsman, Jinhong CNC is destined to become one of the most influential woodworking machinery leaders in China!


Together! concentric! Flourish! Today, Jinhong is inseparable from this trump card team that dares to fight and overcome difficulties! A learning team, a fighting team, we think about what customers think, are anxious about what customers want, stand on the customer’s standpoint, recommend suitable equipment for customers, charge all staff for collective training every month, and strive to create a heart-to-heart consultant style team!


Make the quality of Jinhong CNC better! Jinhong CNC has complete inspection methods. Each machine tool is inspected layer by layer from bed processing, accessories inspection, and overall machine performance inspection, which basically guarantees the excellent quality and reliable performance of the product!

Rest assured, sufficient spare parts reserve. Jinhong CNC strictly controls the warehouse storage parts. The key parts of machine tools produced by Jinhong adopt internationally renowned brands, and realize long-term stock storage management for the main parts, wearing parts and other related equipment of the product to ensure timely replacement of customer parts and eliminate customers' worries.

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